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Counseling for Couples

Counseling for Couples

Imagine what your relationship would be like if...


When you talked to your partner you both got somewhere.
You were comfortable enough to tell them what you want.
Your days were filled with connection and intimacy.
You had new tools for communicating and problem solving.

My philosophy:


I am “marriage friendly”. When we talk I make the assumption that you are here to save your relationship. My primary focus is helping you find solutions to your marital problems rather than helping you leave your relationship when things get rocky.
You don’t have to wait until there is a crisis in your relationship to start counseling.
You might benefit from relationship or pre-marital counseling  to help you and your partner overcome challenges and establish some healthy patterns right from the start.

What to expect:


It takes a lot of courage to start therapy, and even more courage to make changes in your relationship! In a supportive and collaborative environment, we will identify your concerns, and map out a strategy to achieve your goals.

In session we will develop tools for improving communication and insight-- We will move toward a better, more fulfilling  relationship. We will establish new ways to resolve conflict, and build a more trusting and intimate relationship. 
We will also talk about difficult topics, like sex and money. It may be difficult to talk about these topics with such depth at first.
I work with all types of couples: married or not, straight or GLBTA+, long-term or just starting out.
Visit online scheduling to schedule a 30-minute consultation.


"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward" 
                                                                                                        -- Soren Kierkegaard

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