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Sex & Intimacy

Sex therapy is a specialized form of counseling for adults that focuses on sexual issues, often for individuals in relationships. (You do not need to be in a relationship to seek sex therapy).
Sex therapy is usually solution-focused and brief.  Sex therapy will focus on a sexual dysfunction, or a major sexual communication problem between the couple.

Sex therapy is fairly directive. As your therapist, I will be active, asking questions and often giving direct suggestions, homework exercises, and information in an effort to support your goals for therapy.

Using up-to-date methods we can address:

     -Sexual desire issues
     -Couples wanting to increase sexual intimacy

     -Increasing pleasure with new sexual techniques/skills.
     -Different levels of desire in the relationship
     -Orgasm disorders (inability to reach orgasm, or reaching orgasm to quickly)
     -Male and female sexual dysfunction 
     -Pornography use/addiction
     -Dissatisfaction around sexual performance or functioning
     -Sexual concerns resulting from illness or injury, or previous sexual trauma
     -Feelings of guilt, anxiety or fear around sex

    -How to repair your relationship after an affair

If you are in a relationship, it may seem confusing for both of you to attend sex therapy. Maybe you feel that the problem is mainly related to your partner, or you have identified the issue in yourself.

However, sexual dysfunctions do not occur in a vacuum. Your relationship impacts on the sexual problem, and, in turn, the sexual problem impacts on the relationship.

This being the case, I take a comprehensive approach to the treatment of sexual dysfunctions that must include a thorough assessment of the couples relationship*.


   *If sex therapy is contraindicated, (because of the presence of severe,
                 rather than moderate, marital distress), we will begin couples therapy
                 before the treatment of the sexual problem.

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